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DVR Security System

Swann DVR4-1000 Security System With 4 Surveillance Cameras


Swann have created numerous digital video recorders designed for people who wish to set up a surveillance system themselves. The Swann DVR4-1000 is a 4 channel security DVR that accommodates up to four surveillance cameras. Both PAL and NTSC recording is possible with the DVR and its maximum recording resolution is 640*224 in NTSC and 640*272 in PAL. MJPEG video compression has been incorporated into the DVR and you can select one of three preset video compression settings.

At most the DVR records video at 30 FPS but you can get past this issue by setting your cameras to record at set periods. For storing video the DVR4-1000 has a 160GB hard disk, this should be enough but you have the option to change this if needed. At maximum the Swann DVR can accommodate hard drives with a capacity of up to 400GB. A USB port has been fitted to the system, the port has been added to enable you to connect the DVR to a PC rather than an external storage device.

Swann include software for the DVR so you can connect it to your PC through USB but this is as far as you can go with networking the DVR as it does not have an Ethernet port. Connecting the DVR to a PC gives you more storage and video sharing options, you can upload video to your PC and then use email to distribute video if required.

The DVR has the RTOS (real time operating system) embedded and this is used for overall control of the system. Video footage can be searched for by time, date or you can select from a list of specific events recorded by the system. The DVR has motion detection capabilities and has the ability to detect camera outages. An alarm is also incorporated into the DVR that can be triggered through a variety of methods. Video recording by the DVR is activated when the system detects motion or you can set a recording schedule.

Four cameras are included with the DVR4-1000 and these are suitable for recording video footage at both day and night. The cameras are dubbed ‘MaxBrite’ due to their night vision capabilities, the outer casing of the camera is made of a non corrosive material. Inside the cameras is a 1/3” SSC image sensor and they have a horizontal definition of 380 TV lines.

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