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CPCam CPD560 4 Channel Pentaplex Network Security DVR


One of the biggest concerns for home and business owners that want to install a surveillance system is the cost. The CPD560 Security DVR accommodates 4 surveillance cameras, that certainly isn’t jaw dropping but its price certainly is. The CPD560 is the perfect example of how low priced technology makes setting up a surveillance system a possible goal for anyone.

On seeing the cost of the CPD560 it’s reasonable to assume that features we have gotten used to in DVR security systems would be missing. At the price you would expect the DVR to have no network or motion sensing capabilities and you would expect it to have no hard drive or a low capacity one thrown in for good measure.

The CPD560 has been produced by CPcam, not a major household name but they may very well become one with this DVR. The hardware in the CPD560 certainly goes above your expectations, for a start the DVR has a 500GB hard drive for storing surveillance camera footage. CPcam have fitted an ATA66 IDE hard drive to the DVR, you can change this if you wish although 500 gigabytes should be plenty for four cameras,

The DVR can record video at up to 120 frames per second; you can adjust the rate of recording for each camera attached to the DVR. The DVR uses CIF, MPEG4 and JPEG video compression and can record video in both PAL and NTSC. The user interface for the DVR enables you to choose from four preset recording quality settings. The preset recording quality settings are best, high, normal and basic, the back of the DVR has a BNC connector.

The DVR has an Ethernet port and can be connected to a LAN or broadband connection enabling you to monitor the system remotely. By networking and configuring the DVR you can set it to email specific images it has recorded to you to keep you up to date on recorded events. The CPD560 has an alarm system with four inputs and one output, the DVR also detects camera outages and has motion sensor capabilities Recording can be scheduled or activated by motion and the DVR also supports pan tilt and zoom security cameras.

At the time of writing it would be difficult to get a brand new 500GB hard drive for the cost of the CP560 never mind a feature rich security DVR. The CPcam 560 even has an audio input and an audio output, granted the sound is in mono two but you can set up a two way audio system through the DVR. There are definitely more advanced DVR security systems out there but not at this price.

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